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Recent News:

Eryn recieving the "Kevin J. Batchelor Emerging Artist Award"
Orillia Ontario - September 28th, 2018

Within Eryn O’Neill’s painting, Pathway, the meaning and ‘presence’ of the ‘red light’ is loaded with symbolic association and meaning. We intuitively know how it is being referenced within the painting as a symbol for or to initiate the action to ‘Stop’, particularly because of it aligning with the iconic image of a stoplight. The colour red possesses a duality of symbolic and emotional interpretation. It can be interpreted and experienced as representing offence, transgression, and violation; yet it is also the colour that speaks to affection and nurture. And this is what engaged me directly and strongly with this painting, this unexpected visual element of dualistic interpretation that the small addition of the colour red evoked. The landscape being presented, if we choose to move forward, is bleak, cold, confined and void of any living engagement. The ‘path of least resistance’ is leading the viewer directed towards a dystopian, apocalyptic reality. It is a landscape of the ‘nowhere at all’. What I found engaging within the experience of this painting is also how the red light acts as a visual sign to undertake an alternative, reverse ‘course of direction’.

Ted Fullerton
Artist and Juror

Upcoming Events:

Golden Foundation for the Arts

March 2019

I am delighted to announce I will be attending the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation Artist Residency in March 2019

Paula White Diamond
10th Annual Square Foot & Big Ideas

November 29th - December 14th, 2018

Juried group show; Unit 103-187 King St. S.
in the Bauer Marketplace in Uptown Waterloo

Globe Studios
Art Show & Open House

November 30th (4-9 PM) & December 1st, 2018 (11 AM-4 PM)

Juried group show; 141 Whitney Placee, Kitchener Ontario

Orillia Museum of Art and History

September 28th - November 25th, 2018

This Exhibition showcases 39 representations of landscape created by artists from across the nation.

30 Peter Street South Orillia, ON L3V5A9